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Congratulations! I cannot wait to meet you and your very special furry family. There are some things to know about this photo session to ensure you and your pet are well prepared and the very best images are captured. 
I'll walk you through the entire process, including all of the information on how to prepare and what to expect.
Just follow the steps below...


Prepare for the photo shoot.

A good grooming and a little practice on sit stays will go a long way during your photo session. If your dog has not been to the location of your shoot before it is always a good idea to practice there before the session. Your pet's session is the perfect opportunity to make them beautiful! If there is a special collar, leash, or accessory that you would like to be featured in you pet's session now is the perfect time to use them. Keep in mind, leashes will be edited out of most images. Also, don't forget to coordinate your clothing for this photo shoot. Avoid wearing lots of solid colors (like black or white) that could make any pet hair obvious in your images. It can be visually distracting in the final images or clash with the coat colors of white dogs.


The Photo Shoot

A couple days before your session, I'll give you a call to go over the final details and to do a weather check. If the weather looks rainy we may reschedule.
Get ready to have fun! During the shoot there will be a little posing, a little playing, and a lot of fun! I'll be doing the directing but will likely need your assistance to get your pets in the perfect spot. My photo sessions are a variety of candids, poses, action, close ups, and portraits. If there are particular poses, scenery, or angles you would like to have captured let me know ahead of time and I'll be sure to work them in.
*This will likely be a 2 hour shoot, please plan accordingly.


Schedule Your Reveal Session.

A week or two after your session your images will be ready for viewing. To see them in all their glory we can get together at your home or other convenient location for your reveal. During this session your images will be displayed and a collection of sample products will also be shared.

The highest resolution digital images are $100 each or the entire digital collection can be purchased for $850. 
Prints start at $40.00 and Canvases start at $200
Product Collections begin at $600. If you would like to see my full product and price list it can be found here: 2019 Catalog


Enjoy Your Artwork!

Depending on your order and location, your artwork will be delivered personally or via parcel service 2-4 weeks after your order is placed. Now you just have to display your custom pieces, sit back, and enjoy! All items come gift wrapped and ready to hang or display.


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