Frequently Asked Questions

What can i expect in a photo session?

My goal for each session is to have fun and enjoy this memorable experience. There will be a mixture play time for special candid shots and action shots, with time set aside to also photograph casually posed shots as well. During your session there will also be a lot of me making weird noises and crawling on the ground to get the very best shots.

how long does a session last?

Portrait sessions usually last around an hour although they can be longer or shorter. Sometimes I get all the great images I need within an hour, other times it can take a bit longer. I keep shooting until I know I have a variety of amazing shots for you. Black Background Sessions are most often 20-30 minutes of posed shooting time.

Can I add more time or an additional outfit change to my session?

Certainly! This is typical for equestrian sessions and more time to allow for outfit changes can be added to any session for $200. This will include more shooting time and more images.

WHAT If I have more than one pet I want photographed?

No problem! For a $200 fee, you can add another pet to your session. This will also include additional shooting time and images.

MY PET IS REALLY SHY OR EXCITABLE. Is it possible to still get great portraits?

Definitely! I always spend some quiet time with shy pets and slowly introduce them to the camera at the beginning of a session so they can adjust and become comfortable. I find that treats, toys, and praise always help! If your pet is hyper, I recommend exercising them right before your session to help relieve some of the extra energy. 

WHAT happens if the weather takes a turn for the wet?

When we schedule your session, we’ll plan a backup date incase of rain. 

What happens after the session?

After the session I edit and re-touch each of your images. This may take up to two weeks. Your images will be shared in an online gallery where they can downloaded with a print release straight to your computer. 

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